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The Metro Suburban Accelerated Training for Manufacturing  (ATIM) Program is funded by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) as part of a Workforce Innovation Funds grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor.   The goal of the ATIM Program is to provide training to individuals that prepares them for employment in jobs currently available in the manufacturing industry.  As required by the federal government, the DCEO is conducting a study requiring eligible persons enrolled in the ATIM Program be selected through a lottery system. Those not selected through the lottery will not be able to participate in any ATIM Program.

How can manufacturers be part of the ATIM Program?

Advisory role—Provide advice on criteria for selecting individuals most appropriate for employment in the manufacturing industry.

Problem solver—Share information about current hiring practices and challenges.

Referral source—Refer job applicants lacking the necessary occupational skills and certifications to the ATIM Program for training.

Training expert—Identify skills and certification requirements for short term and long-term hiring projections.

Work-based learning site—Provide work-based experience/internship opportunities to ATIM participants (ATIM Program reimburses wages).

New employer—Provide ATIM participants hiring consideration for job vacancies.

How can you get the right workers with the right skills?

The ATIM Program is designed to provide manufacturers with access to qualified job candidates for high demand occupations.

As manufacturers increase production, expand operations, and replace an aging workforce, they are faced with the challenge of finding workers with the right skills.  There is currently a mismatch between the skills job seekers have and the skills required for today’s manufacturing.  The ATIM Program is designed to address this skills gap.

Since the program is aimed at addressing the specific needs of local manufacturers, its success will depend on manufacturers getting directly involved!

What kind of training does the program provide?

Training targets the most in demand occupations:

·         CNC Operators

·         Welders

·         Industrial Machinery Mechanics

·         Robotics Technicians

Training prepares individuals to earn industry credentials:

·         Safety certificate—Manufacturing

·         Skill Standards Council (MSSC) and

·         American Welding Society (AWS) or

·         National Institute for Metalworking Skills,  Inc. (NIMS)

Training leads to work ready individuals using newly acquired skills at paid internships.